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28 Nis, 2023

Choosing the Right IaC Tool: A Comparison of Terraform, Ansible, and Chef

Terraform, Ansible, and Chef. Infrastructure as code (IaC) has revolutionized the way we manage and…

10 Şub, 2023

Preparing for the Worst: An IoT and Azure Guide to Earthquake Response and Recovery

Disasters such as earthquakes can have a significant impact on communities and can result in…

17 May, 2022

Steps to move AVD from one subscription to another one using AZURE portal

What is Azure Virtual Desktop? Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a flexible cloud virtual desktopAZURE…

28 Mar, 2022

Setting up Disaster Recovery Site on AZURE

Why building disaster recovery site on the cloud? Now a days we can see a…

18 Şub, 2022

Migrating SQL Server DB from On-Premises to AZURE SQL

In this article we will discuss about migrating a SQL Server database from On-Premises to…

5 May, 2021

Creating Web App for .NET Core in Azure & Creating and running CD pipeline

In my previous article I showed you how to use Azure DevOps to create a…

3 May, 2021

Creating A CI Pipeline to deploy .Net Core Application using AZURE DevOps

Today we will talk about creating a CI Pipeline to build the application using Azure…

22 Ara, 2020

How does Azure AD DS work?

In this post I will describe how to add AZURE Active Directory Domain services to…

24 Kas, 2020

SharePoint Portal migration to AZURE plan

Microsoft Azure being a trusted and leading cloud platform and recognized as a leader in…

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