Senior System Administrator

Genel Nitelikler:

? Graduate in a related field with at least 3 years experience as System Administrator in Linux environment.
? Good understanding on High-Availability and TCP/IP networking.
? Ability to write scripts in an administrative language (PHP, Perl, Bash etc.).
? Solid understanding of a Unix/ Linux-based operating system; MySQL administration is a plus.
? Experienced on Web Application Servers; Java Application Server (tomcat, glassfish etc.) Administration is a plus.
? Ability to work as a team member.
? Must possess excellent communication skills, analytical thinking, problem-solving and result oriented mind and self-direction.
? Must have stress tolerant personality.
? Adaptive to changing circumstances and demands, whilst maintaining standards.
? For male candidates, completion of military service is a plus.

İş Tanımı:

? Insuring high availability and performance of systems in scope of responsibility.
? Applying existing procedures, analyzing existing systems and programs, development of new systems or modifications.
? Successful implementation of infrastructure solutions delivered to meet requirements, on time and to quality.

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