Learnkey ? Cisco Pix Firewall | 340Mb

Session 1
Section A: Introduction
Section B: Security Threats/Solutions
Section C: Firewall Technologies
Section D: PIX® Firewall Features
Section E: PIX® Maintenance
Section F: Upgrade PIX® OS
Section G: ASA Security Rules

Session 2
Section A: ASA Operations
Section B: Six Basic Commands
Section C: Configure PIX® Firewall
Section D: Translation Rules
Section E: NAT & PAT
Section F: PIX® Device Manager

Session 3
Section A: Configure PIX® with PDM
Section B: Object Grouping
Section C: Syslog
Section D: Cut-Through Proxy
Section E: CSACS Configuration
Section F: AAA Configuration
Section G: Advanced Protocol Handling

Session 4
Section A: Multimedia Operation
Section B: Attack Guard
Section C: Service Configuration
Section D: Failover
Section E: IPSec/VPN
Section F: IPSec Process

Session 5
Section A: Configuring IPSec
Section B: Scaling IPSec
Section C: Configuring PIX VPN
Section D: PPPoE/VPN with PDM
Section E: Configuring CSIS
Section F: Authentication Proxy

Session 6
Section A: Version 6.3
Section B: Security & Licensing
Section C: 6.3 VPN Enhancements
Section D: Enterprise-Level PIX®
Section E: Workflow in MC
Section F: Auto Update Server