Hello there

I am trying to do network load balancing on two servers running on Hyper-V. There are 2 interfaces on both servers. I will complete the clustering by doing the next step by saying that I will continue to select the interface that will be clustered as shown in the image on the new cluster screen. No problem in cluster, when someone is down they are taking other tasks. What I want to ask here is; at the time of installation heartbeat interfacenne did not ask me what was it, how did you know you would hear from there? I do not see any activity in the heartbeat interface nin activites. When all tasks on server A are actively running, I drop down the heartbeat interfaces of server A, so the two servers do not need to get task B server because they can not send heartbeat packets between themselves? Is not there a nuisance here?

A server lan

A server heartbeat (dns and wins register check box is not checked)

B server lan

B server heartbeat (dns and wins register check box not checked)